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I personally recommend the E-book “EFT SCRIPT FOR ANXIETY RELIEF” written by Mrs. Puja Kanth Alfred, counseling psychologist & certified EFT Practitioner, for anxiety sufferers. It helps people in many ways to tap on their anxiety easily and the good news is.. it is available now in Tamil language too which has been translated by me. 

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Overcoming exam fear easily with EFT

by Saranya Shanthakumar

The word “Exam” itself seems to be a scary one for the majority of students. Every year, during the month of January, February and March when exams are nearing, not only the students but also the parents are under stress just because of exams. It may seem like it is normal to have exam fear and that every student will have exam fear at some point, but it doesn’t help the students to improve their academic performance in anyway.                                                                                                                                           Of course, little amount of stress is needed to keep a student focused on studies but “exam fear” is something more intense and serious than stress. Fear is an emotional response to a threat or danger. Actually, Students are not afraid of exam per say; they are scared of the results of the exam or how they perform in the exam. This is why some students are still afraid of exams even after they have prepared well. For instance, a student who is afraid of exam   isn’t fearful about the exam, but on a deeper level he is afraid of the negative consequences of poor performance in exam, he is afraid of what could go wrong while writing, what if he writes wrong answers, what if his mind goes blank, what if he forgets everything he studied, what if he fails in the exam, what if he cannot perform up to the mark, what if he cannot finish the exam on time, there are so many “what if” patterns behind his exam fear.

The real fear underlying exams may be the fear of failure, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being ridiculed by siblings, friends and society, the fear of losing teacher’s trust in them, fear of disappointment and there might be many other issues that could possibly be lingering inside. The fear is fueled by many external factors such as the parental pressure to score more marks, high expectation from siblings, friends and society etc. All this surfaces as exam fear and the students tend to think that it is only because of exams but actually it is because of all the factors that are associated with it. Hence we need to dig deeper to identify the actual causes of exam fear.

Do all the students with exam fear necessarily have underlying emotional issues?

Yes, absolutely. Children are told all along by their parents and teachers:

“If you don’t do well in exam, everyone will think badly about you. If you do your home work regularly, I will get you a new dress or toys for sure. If you score high marks, only then you make me feel proud and happy. You are too slow- you are not capable of learning. You should work really hard otherwise, you will fail. You will never score good marks etc”.

Because of all this, students are more likely to develop negative self image and a set of limiting beliefs like “My parents won’t love me, if I score low marks in exam”. Some parents even have the habit of treating their children unfairly, punishing them for not scoring high marks. All those past events and bitter experiences can have profound effect on a student’s mind which in fact, impacts their attitude towards studies and exam.

So there is no point in assuming that exam fear is normal and advising students to ignore it and be positive. It is a surfacing symptom of some emotional issues which need attention. Unless you resolve those emotional issues, it will be very difficult for a student to be calm, confident and have a healthy attitude toward exams.

The ultimate solution to overcoming exam fear is EFT. With the help of EFT tapping, students can resolve their bothering emotional issues, mitigate excessive and unnecessary fears around exam and release negative beliefs which are holding them back. It can help them to deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of exam anxiety as well. EFT is well known for its flexibility, so students can also tap and release their negative emotions just before entering the exam hall. It is totally safe, easy to learn and more effective than any other traditional ways of treating exam fear.

EFT is powerful in uprooting the underlying emotional problem thereby helping students to manage their exam fear, relax themselves, study well and be confident about exams. A student who knows to manage stress effectively and be free from exam fear will certainly go the extra mile to perform well in exams.

So if you want to get rid of the nagging exam fear, EFT is a wise choice. It is always good to take up few sessions with a Certified EFT Practitioner who can help you with identifying the core issues and the possible triggers of exam fear. With the help of a practitioner you can slowly learn the basic tapping to tap away your negative emotions and feel good.

As I have enough experience in working with students, assisting them to deal with exam stress, overcoming exam fear and perform well, you can take EFT sessions with me over Phone, Skype and also In-person. I offer EFT sessions both in English and Tamil as well.

By Saranya Shanthakumar, B.Tech (Bio)

Certified Geo-Specific EFT Level – 2 Practitioner

Certified NLP Practitioner


Using the POET approach for breakups

Here is my suggestion to use EFT protocol for POET to overcome the pain of breakup:

Based on Tim Sanders’s POET approach to gratitude www.entheos.com/ideas/brian-johnson/2013/become-a-grateful-poet and Puja Kanth Alfred’s EFT Protocol for POET eftforpeace.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/gratitude-unlimited/ , I have given the following suggestions on how to use gratitude tapping  to overcome the pain of heart wrenching breakup in this article

Termination of an intimate relationship is one of the hardest thing to accept in life. The traumatic pain that you experience from the breakup will make you feel lost, disappointed, hopeless, desperate, frustrated and it turns your whole world upside down. If you really want to heal this emotional pain and feel better you need to let go of your ‘Ex’ completely. EFT is the ultimate tool to release and let go of all the pain and move on with your life. In every situation, you always have something to be grateful for. Continue reading

Spirit of a dead person in Elbow!

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Fear of the dog room

EFT puts a person into the right state of mind to accept the truth by correcting the energy imbalances of the body:
In life, we encounter so many situations in which we believe something that is false to be true especially in the context of fear. Fear is not scary but the blind assumptions we make about our “object of fear” is what makes it so scary. For instance, we fear something so much and assume it to be there, if someone proves it is not there, we won’t be able to have the right state of mind to accept what they proved is true as there is imbalance in our energy system. This is why mere advice and suggestion fails most of the time. But once the energy imbalances are corrected, we will know and accept the truth easily. I have explained this with an example below in which a child easily accepts that her fear of object is not there after doing EFT which she was not able to do it in the past. Continue reading